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January 28 2007
Posted by Riko  [ 02:18 ]
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Posted by Riko  [ 02:15 ]
Celebs sex story with Monica Bellucci!

The Dominatrix Club Part IV
By Robbins(
Story from
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Monica Belluci awakes on top of Max.
"Morning Mistress" he says. She smiles.
Sofia Coppola lays on the bed. Kirsten Dunst Is giving her a sensual massage.
Sophie Marceau Is In the shower with David. He Is washing her breasts. She enjoys It.
Anna Kournikova lays on the bed. Martina Hingis Is giving her a massage.
Charles Is feeding her while Martina continues to massage her. Anna enjoys It.
Sofia sits on her throne. Kirsten Is at her side. Britney Spears Is kneeling before
Sofia. Britney Is licking Sofia's boots. Sofia cracks her whip. Britney stops.
"Stand up" Sofia orders. Britney stands up.
"You will have to prove yourself tonight. But,If you do I will let you have any slave
you want" Sofia says. "Thank you Mistress" Britney says.
Sofia smiles. "Kirsten,take care of Britney" Sofia says,and cracks the whip.
"Yes Mistress" Kirsten replies.
In a bathroom David Is drying Sophie off with towels.
In the dungeon Madonna Is tied nude to the wall. Jaime Pressly Is there dressed In
black leather. Jaime has a whip.
Sofia walks In.
"Why am I here?" Madonna asks. "I am tired of the joke of you writing children's
books. And you will have to pay" Sofia says.
Jaime smiles. She hits Madonna with the whip. Madonna screams. Sofia laughs.
"Have fun with her" Sofia tells Jaime. Jaime laughs.
Sofia leaves as Jaime continues to hit Madonna with the whip.
Kirsten is giving Britney a massage. Britney enjoys It.
Max Is feeding Monica.
Sophie ties David to a chair.
Martina Is rubbing Anna's shoulders while Charles rubs her feet.
Jaime Is hitting Madonna chained to the wall with a whip. Jaime enjoys It.
Max Is massaging Monica. Monica enjoys It.
Sophie sits on David. She rubs his face.
"Do you want It?" she asks. "Yes Mistress" he replies.
She smiles.
"Your such a good slave" she tells him,and kisses him.
Sophie straddles him.
Sofia sits on the couch In her room. Chris kneels before her. He Is rubbing her
feet. She enjoys it. He likes being able to touch her.
Theo,twentish,walks Into a room. Jeri Ryan,dressed In the black leather outfit of a Dominatrix,Is there.
"I was assigned to you" he says. She cracks a whip at him.
"You better serve me well. Now come here!" she demands.
Theo goes up to Jeri,and kneels before her.
"Now lick my boots!" she commands.
Theo begins to lick her boots. Jeri smiles at this.
Max Is on the floor with a slave collar on. Monica Is on top of him with a dog
lease. She makes him crawl on the floor.
Theo Is licking Jeri's boot. Suddenly she smacks him hard.
"Get undressed bitch!" Jeri commands.
Theo starts to get undressed.
Anna ties Martina,and Charles to the bed.
David Is tied to the chair. Sophie Is behind him rubbing his shoulders.
"Your such a good bitch David" she says,and then pulls his hair. He screams.
She laughs.
Sofia sits on her throne. Chris Is kneeling before her. Hilary Duff Is before
her. Hilary Is kissing her hand.
"You will be Instructed" Sofia says. Hilary smiles.
Amanda Bynes,dressed In the outfit of a Dominatrix,walks In.
Hilary sees Amanda. "Amanda?" Hilary says. "That's Mistress Amanda here"
Amanda says.
"She will teach you" Sofia says.
Amanda goes up to Hilary,and slaps her. Sofia smiles.
Max continues to crawl on the floor with Monica on his back.
Jaime continues to hit Madonna with a whip. Madonna realized now the
Children's books was a mistake.
Anna has two whips. She cracks the whips. She hits Martina,and Charles with
the whips. Anna enjoys It.
Jeri ties Theo to the bed.
Amanda,and Hilary walk Into a room. Amanda rubs Hilary's face.
"Tonight you are mine Hilary" Amanda says,and kisses her.
Sophie has a whip. She cracks It at David,still tied to the chair,and she continues hitting him with the whip. Sophie enjoys It.
Britney,dressed In the outfit of a Dominatrix,walks Into a room. Sofia Is sitting on a chair. Britney's sister Jamie Lynn Is chained to the wall. She Is nude.
"What's going on?" Britney asks. "To prove yourself you must dominate your
sister" Sofia says.
Britney doesn't like this.
"She Is my sister" Britney says. "I said prove yourself!" Sofia says.
Britney goes up to Jamie,and hits her with a whip. Jamie screams.
"Be silent bitch!" Britney commands,and hits her some more.
Sofia laughs.

Monica chains Max to the ceiling.
Christina Aguilera,dressed In the outfit of a Dominatrix,sits on the bed.
William,60,walks In.
"I have been assigned to you tonight Mistress" he tells her. "Come here" she
William walks over to Christina. "Kneel!" she orders him.
He kneels before her. "Now lick my boot" she tells him.
He begins to lick her boot. She smiles.
Jeri has a whip. She hits Theo with It. She enjoys It. She continues to hit him
with the whip.
Monica has a large paddle. She Is behind Max. She hits her hand with the
paddle. She smiles. She hits his butt with the paddle. He screams. She hits
his butt even harder.
Hilary Is licking Amanda's boot. Amanda smiles. She thinks I have Hilary Duff
licking my boot. A lot of others would trade places with me right now.
Sophie continues to hit David with the whip.
William continues to lick Christina's boot. She smiles.
Jaime continues to hit Madonna with the whip. She enjoys punishing Madonna.
Jeri continues to hit Theo with the whip.
Sofia watches as Britney continues to whip Jamie. Sofia likes watching Britney
punish Jamie.
Hilary undresses for Amanda. Amanda likes this.
Christina kicks William. She slaps him hard.
Sophie kneels before David. She unzips his paints.
Amanda ties Hilary to the bed.
Chris rubs Sofia's shoulder as she watches Britney continuing to whip Jamie.
Sophie has David's balls In her hand. She squeezes hard. he screams. She
Amanda Is over Hilary. She has a whip.
"This Is how to control guys." Amanda says,and whips Hilary.
"Soon guys will be begging you' Amanda says.
Chris Is giving Sofia a blow job as she continues to watch Britney whip Jamie.
Sofia enjoys all of this.

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Posted by Riko  [ 02:10 ]
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January 27 2007
Posted by Riko  [ 03:10 ]
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Posted by Riko  [ 03:10 ]
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Posted by Riko  [ 03:10 ]
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Posted by Riko  [ 03:10 ]
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January 26 2007
Posted by Riko  [ 07:20 ]
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Posted by Riko  [ 07:13 ]
Abi Titmuss lesbian videos from home sex tape and story about group celebs lesbian orgy!

Abi Titmuss , Victoria Silvstedt , Torrie Wilson , Sable & Christy Hemme are on the set for a raunchy photoshoot with Playboy.
Victoria & Abi are very known for lesbian photoshoots, but if you put WWE's Torrie Wilson , Sable & Christy Hemme in with it you'll never know what would go on.
Camaraman : Girls slowly undress till your naked.
Victoria Silvstedt : Ok i'll do that
Abi : I'm with Victoria
Torrie Wilson : I'll do anything to see these girls tits
Sable : I want to see Christy's pussy
Christy Hemme : Oh! anything for you, Sable.

Off came the dresses, there they stand in a photo Victoria Silvstedt , Abi , Torrie Wilson , Sable & Christy Hemme all flashing their T & A.
Camaraman : Let's see what you've got Christy. Eat Sable's hairy pussy.
Off Christy goes to Sable's pussy.
With that said Christy begins tonguing and munching her cunt
Giving Sable's pussy time to dry & Christy to time to think of what she has just done.
Camaraman : Abi & Victoria let's see what you can do.
Abi : Victoria get your nipple hard. So i can get a tit fuck you.
Victoria : Suck them Abi, Suck them.Suck my nipples till they are hard.
As the Camaraman kept the Camara on Abi & Victoria. He looked at Torrie.
Camaraman : Hey Torrie What good assets have you got.
Torrie : Well......
At this point Torrie walks over to the Camaraman and plays with his cockhead, For a bit, Then she unzips his jeans to have his hard & hairy cock fall out.
Torrie : Big & hairy just the way my boyfriends is.
Through the groans of pleasure of having the hot blonde sucking his cock, The Camaraman spits out
Camaraman : Shit you've got a boyfriend !
Torrie : Just lay back & enjoy
Torrie works faster at The Camaraman's hard cock till he shoots cum right down her throat.
Torrie keeps some cum on her tongue & calls Sable to lick The Camaraman's cum of her tongue.
Sable : OOOOOOOO thats so nice shoot on my tits so Torrie can lick them off.
Camaraman : How will i raise a hard-on.
Torrie : Hmmmmm?
Sable : Abi , Victoria & Christy come here please.
Abi : Yes Sable !
Victoria : Yes Sable !
Christy : Yes Sable !
Sable : Let's fondle each other's breasts to erouse him.
Camaraman : Oh please do it !
Camaraman : I'll jerk myself to help you lot.
The 5 girls fondled the breast of one & other until The

Camaraman : FUCK !
Said the Camaraman as he sprayed the naked & horny 5 Playboy women.
The Camaraman did his flies back up took a step back
Camaraman : Only a couple more photo's please ladies
The 5 girls started to fondle each others bodies.
Victoria layed on her back, as Abi went straight for Victoria's thigh
kissing it gently and then eating her pussy.
Eah girls pussy got ate by the Camaraman

lucky fella!

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January 25 2007
Posted by Riko  [ 06:50 ]
Soon I shall show you what there is celebs lesbian video with Abi Titmuss!
P.S. I'am so sorry if my english not good, I have more recently started to study this perfect language!
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Posted by Riko  [ 06:49 ]
Karen Lancaume blowjob video!
Now Karen will start to suck away very professionally!
There should be an owner of this cock is madly happy!
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January 24 2007
Posted by Riko  [ 22:45 ]
Karen Lancaume sex videos from Baise-moi
Karen Lancaume she is a French adult film's star.
This burning brunette gets up to miracles in bed.
I think this one of those porn stars which really love sex!
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April 29 2006
Posted by Riko  [ 18:22 ]
The Devil's Erotica (Sex stori with Sandra Bullock)

Fic Title:The Devil's Erotica
Author:Andrew Troy Keller
Pairing:Nana Visitor/Sandra Bullock/Maura Tierney/m
Summary:Nana Visitor invites her two friends,Sandra Bullock and Maura Tierney to join her at a haunted house,only to have them discover just how haunted it actually is.
Warnings:Male/female sex,strong language,graphic violence,rape
Has anybody out there ever wonder what type of mysteries are still out there and could those mysteries possibly be solved with the right amount of scientific knowledge?

Well,if you were to ask me that exact same question,all I could do to answer it is tell you the story that I'm writing right now,which had began on the Fourth day of January and somewhere within the state of California.

You see,while she was researching for a possible upcoming role,an actress named Nana Visitor--who was once one of the stars on the hit TV series STAR TREK:DEEP SPACE NINE--had suddenly noticed something inside an unexplained mysteries magazine that had suddenly caught her interest.

That something was the Worthington estate,which happened to be a large house that some of its former owners had said that it was possibly possessed by some unearthly force that has caused each and every one of them to run for their lives and never look back.

"Hmmmm.Now this is a mystery that really needs to be solved.",said Nana,after she had gotten off of her living room sofa and walked over to her phone."However,one thing's for sure.I wouldn't be able to do it alone."

And with that,she had picked up the phone and called her former co-star on the WORKING GIRL TV series,Sandra Bullock,who had heard each and every word of Nana's suggestion and said,"Well,I'm really not so sure about that,Nan.You see,I'm about to star in an upcoming movie with Maura and...!"

But just as Sandra was about to say another word,Nana had raised her hand and said,"Hey,Sandra.It's no problem.Go ahead and bring Maura along.The more,the merrier."

And so,after she had realized that there was no way of talking Nana out of her latest crazy scheme,Sandra had called her old FORCES OF NATURE co-star,Maura Tierney and invited her to go meet Nana at the Worthington estate.

Just then,at 3:35 PM on January the 4th,a taxi cab had pulled itself into the driveway of a large mansion that had looked more like it should've been in one of the many horror flicks which had starred Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi.

After they've gotten themselves and their bags out of the cab and Maura had tipped the cab driver,Sandra had looked around the grounds and called,"Nan,it's Sandra!I'm here and I've brought along Maura!"

Then,after the front door has opened,a smiling Nana Visitor had stepped out of the house,walked over to her two fellow actors,gave them a big hug and said,"Oooohhhh.Welcome,my friends.Welcome to what should be considered to be the experience of a lifetime."

"Ah,I mean no offense,Nan.But so far,seeing a large and creepy-looking mansion during the daytime really doesn't do it for me.",said a confused Maura,after she had turned her head towards Nana,who had just said,"Actually,Maura.It's what's inside that's the real attention-grabber.Shall we go inside?"

And with that,the three actresses had walked into the house and into the palor,where both Sandra and Maura were shocked to discover a portrait of a woman who had looked like Sandra sitting next to a handsome young gentleman.

"I see that you've noticed the portrait.",said Nana,while she was tending to the fire that was burning in the fireplace underneath the portrait."Her name was Constance Worthington and both she and her husband,Richard Worthington have been married ever since his family had came to America and struck it rich in both oil and gold."

"Well,so what?",asked Maura,after she had allowed a small smile to appear on her lips."If I'm not mistaken,everyone had gone through the Gold Rush back in those days."

"Actually,Maura.That was only the half of it.",said Nana,after she had placed the fireplace poker right back where she had gotten it from."You see,what the rest of the world really doesn't know is that both Richard and Constance were also into a sexual game known as BDSM."

"Whoa!Wait-a-minute,Nan.",said a wide-eyed Sandra,after she had raised her hand in front of her good friend."Are you really trying to tell us that those two were also into some very heavy bondage?"

"You've got that right,Sandra.",answered Nana,after she had taken a deep breath."And believe me,you really don't want to know how heavy."

Just then,after they were finally able to take themselves and their luggage upstairs and into their rooms and gotten themselves settled in,Sandra had decided to get herself ready to take a shower,only to have some unseen force watch her remove all of her clothes and exposing her nude body.

But then,just as she was about to put her bathrobe on,Sandra had suddenly heard a voice from out of nowhere saying,"Con...stance.",causing her to turn quickly around to see who was inside the room with her.

Then,after she had noticed that there was actually no one else in the room with her,Sandra had figured that it was only her imagination,let out a sigh of relief and turned towards the bed where she had placed her bathrobe,only to be shocked at the sight of a handsome young nude male standing in front of her.

And then,just as she was about to scream,the male stranger had placed the tips of his fingers on Sandra's lips and said,"Sssshhhh.There's no need for you to be afraid.You may be known as Sandra Bullock in this era of time.But back in the days of the Old West,you were also known as Constance Worthington,my beloved wife.Constance,it's me.It's Richard.Please try to remember--and surrender yourself once again to the pure erotic pleasure."

And even though she had known that she was really Sandra Bullock,something inside of her has caused Sandra to allow Richard to kiss her passionately on the lips,just before he had started licking all over her nude body--all the way down to her suddenly hot,wet pussy and carressing her suddenly firm breasts.

"Aaaahhhh!No,Richard!You don't understand!Please,don't do that!Stop!Oooohhhh,please don't stop!That's it!Do it,Richard!",said Sandra,after she had placed her gentle hands on Richard's bare shoulders."Touch me!Touch me there!Suck my wet pussy dry!Aaaahhhh!"

Meanwhile,inside one of the other bedrooms,Maura had changed into her nightgown and looked on the bookcase for something to read before going to sleep,only to discover a book entitled THE DEVIL'S EROTICA on one of the shelves of the bookcase.

After she had taken that particular book off of the shelf,a curious Maura had climbed into bed,opened the book and started reading these words,"They all say that he was evil and should never be trusted with the affairs of all human beings,for he shall bring death to those who allow themselves to be sedduced by his evil.And yet,I've suddenly discovered that it was all nothing,but lies,for one day,he had suddenly appeared to me and I was able to see his true form."

And after she had suddenly felt some sort of feverish warmth within her entire body and she had placed her gentle hand on one of her breasts,Maura had looked at the book and read these words,"He had allowed me to approach him and let me know that there was nothing to fear,just before he had allowed all of my clothing to disolve itself off of my body and expose my bare skin to his warm carressing touch.And after he had opened his robe,he had lowered me down to his long staff and allowed me to suck long and deep on it."

But then,while those very words were causing a mesmerized Maura to start ripping all of her clothing off of her body,Nana was still inside the palor gazing at the portrait and saying,"I wish the both of you are still alive today,so that you could tell me all about the wonderous experiences that you've had together."

However,after she had turned around and just as she was about to walk towards the palor door,a strange and mysterious force has shoved a suddenly-shocked Nana against a wall and ripped off all of her clothes,causing her to yell,"HEY,WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS GOING ON?!LET GO OF ME!!STOP IT!!"

Meanwhile,back in Sandra's room,Richard had placed his stiff cock inside her asshole and used each of his hands to carress both her breasts and pussy,causing Sandra to place her gentle hands on his bare arms and yell,"AAAAHHHH,YES!THAT'S IT!DO IT,YOU PIECE OF SHIT!FUCK ME!I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!SLAM IT ALL INTO ME!MAKE ME WANNA CUM!AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!"

Just then,inside Maura's room,after she had ran her gentle hand all over her nude body and all the way down to her suddenly hot,moist snatch,she had once again looked at the book and read these words,"AND THEN,AFTER HE HAD LIFTED ME OFF THE GROUND AND PLACED HIS LONG STAFF INSIDE THE ABSCENCE BETWEEN MY LEGS,HE HAD STARTED SUCKING ON THE TIPS OF MY FIRM BREASTS AND ALLOWED ME TO SEE WHAT TRUE EROTICA IS REALLY LIKE!"

Meanwhile,back downstairs in the palor,after the mysterious invisible force has tied her hands to the coffee table and each of her bare legs to a leg of a chair,a helpless Nana had suddenly felt a pair of hot,burning hands being placed on her exposed flesh,causing her to scream as loud as her human lungs would allow her to.

"OOOOHHHH,GOD!PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!IT HURTS!",yelled a teary-eyed Nana,while the very same invisible being had started slaming his stiff cock in and out of her exposed pussy."GET HIM OFF OF ME!PLEASE,GOD!GET HIM OFF OF MEEEE!"

And then,back inside Sandra's room,after they've started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking has reached its final haunted house,the two newfound lovers had cum and collapsed due to exhaustion.

After they were both finally able to catch their breath,Sandra had placed her head on Richard's chest,took a deep breath and said,"Please,Richard.Take me with you.I don't wish to be Sandra Bullock anymore.Take me with you and allow me to become Constance Worthington again."

"Your wish is my command,my darling Constance.Your wish is my command.",said Richard,after he had placed his gentle hands on Sandra's bare back and a wave of bright light had suddenly appeared and engulfed the entire room.

And then,after a few minutes,the wave of bright light had finally disappeared and both Sandra and Richard were no longer in the room,for he had finally taken his beloved Constance back with him.

As for both Maura and Nana,after she had woken up from her little nap and discovered that she had somehow ripped off all of her clothes during the night,a concerned Maura had gotten out of her bed,put on her bathrobe and ran over to Sandra's room,only to have her open the door and discover that Sandra was nowhere inside that very room.

That very discovery has caused Maura to run downstairs with the hope that she would've been able to find Sandra in the palor,but after she had opened the palor door and noticed a stark naked Nana with her hands and feet tied to some furniture and burn marks on her body,Maura had released Nana from her bondage and told her that Sandra had disappeared.

"Oooohhhh,shit!This is all my fault!I've thought that we could be able to solve the mystery of this fucking place!",said an upset Nana,while Maura was helping her get back on her feet."But instead,this fucking shit happens!I should've kept my big,fat fucking mouth shut about this place!"

But then,after Maura had grabbed a blanket off of a sofa and covered Nana's abused body with it,the two friends had looked at the coffee table and discovered a note on it,which had said,"Nana--I'm so sorry about what happened to you.I hope you'll be able to forgive and bounce back.Maura--I hope you really do like the book entitled 'The Devil's Erotica'.It's yours to keep if you want it.As for me,I've finally found my one true love and decided to stay with him.May you both continue to live full and healthy lives.--Your very good friend,the one formerly known as Sandra Bullock."


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Posted by Riko  [ 18:19 ]
My Night with Sandra Bullock (sex stori)

My Night with Sandra Bullock

This story is a work of fiction. It is NOT based no fact, or based on any of Sandra's sexual practices.

It was just another day in the Midwest. The Midwest is a good place to live and raise kids, but not a place for anything exciting to happen. Or so I thought.

I was sitting down and having a cappuccino at my favorite hang out when I saw a vision of beauty. At first I saw only her side profile, but as I saw her backside, my mouth dropped open at the sight of her ass. She was wearing tight black pants that really hugged her female curves. Plus with the thin material I could see the her bikini pantylines. She had on a light blue silk button up shirt. True, her breasts were small but her ass was perfection. It was very round, not too big just a sexy curvy rear end that would make drool escape from any mans mouth.

She had long dark brown hair past her shoulders, and as she turned around wearing dark sun glasses she smiled at me, then it suddenly hit me 'that's Sandra Bullock.' I immediately ran up to her "Oh my God your SANDRA BULLOCK!"

The look on her face said 'shut up and don't announce it to everyone' but it was too late. Soon several started to gather around us because it was indeed Sandra Bullock.

Sandra in a panic turned to me and said "you have a car?"

"Yeah I uh.........

"Take me too it right now."

With that she took me by the hand, and led me out of the hangout. We hoped into my car and me and Sandra were off. She surprisingly asked me for a cigarette and I gladly obliged her. Then I lit it for her with my Zippo lighter.

"I'm sorry Miss Bullock, I know that was my fault you had to leave out of there so quickly because of me."

"Look its OK" she said "I go through this all the time, its the price of being a celebrity, I can't go anywhere anymore. By the way you can call me Sandra."

"OK Miss.......I mean....Sandra, not that I'm complaining, but I'm wondering, why did you leave with me, didn't you have a limo or something with you?"

"Yes, but you and I shared a smile back there and I was hoping we could get together, if that's OK."

"Are you kidding I would love that Sandra!"

Sandra smiled at me, and put out her cigarette. Then her hand went to my thigh. I swear to God right then in a matter of seconds I was rock hard. I looked her way and she gave me a sexy smile.

"So what's your name, or should I call you sexy?" She said with a wink.

"Danny" I said.

God she was so sexy, why was she doing this, I tried to concentrate on the road worried that I would wreck if I didn't. Sandra directed me where to go, I soon found out we going to her hotel. Sandra took me by the hand and we made our way up to her room. I prayed she wouldn't see the reason I was having trouble walking, which was because of my arousal. Although part of me was hoping she would notice, and then maybe just maybe she's want a better view of what I had.

As we went inside she poured a drink for me and her and sat at the table with me. I don't usual drink, but I wasn't gonna be rude to one of the prettiest and nicest woman I had ever met. She talked about the Hollywood life and how its hard to date, especially with the press printing lies about her relationships in the tabloids. She told me how she feels sorry for anyone she dates in Hollywood. How its like saying "people are gonna follow you around and ruin your life if you date me."

"I would gladly take the chance to date you Sandra, I mean it really only matters to the people involved, not to anyone else."

Sandra smiled and oh my God, did she actually blush a little at what I said? ?No way, I didn't make the beautiful Sandra Bullock blush did I?

Sandra stood up then went and sat on the bed. "You know I haven't been with a good man like you in a long time, would you like to spend the night with me Danny?"

I held back with everything I could not to leap out of my chair and tackle this hot woman onto the bed. What a question! Who wouldn't wanna spend the night with her!

In stead I got up and casually made my way to the bed, she stood up to meet me. I started to kiss her softly on the mouth. Sandra wrapped her hands around my shoulders as my hands went to her waist and our tongues finally met. I only knew a very small number of women in my life that fell into the category of a good kisser. Sandra Bullock was one of them for sure. Our kiss was long and I would have been satisfied if all she wanted was to kiss me all night. She did however want more.

Sandra lifted off my shirt and her hands found my chest and softly caressed it. To be sure I wasn't no Arnold Schwartzanegger but I was still in pretty good shape. I reached out and tried not to show my nervousness as I slowly unbuttoned Sandra's blue shirt. Her lacey white bra came into view as her shirt dropped to the floor. Granted, Playboy would be breaking down her door to see her boobs, but hey I liked her natural set.

Sandra again flashed me that amazing smile as she turned around and sweetly said......

"Would you unhook my bra for me please Danny?"

I got to her bra clasp and unhooked her. She pulled her bra off the rest of the way and faced me. Her breasts though small stuck out proudly. I reached out and cupped them in my hands squeezing them. Her breast were nice and round with dark brown pointed nipples. Sandra had a dirty look on her face as I felt her unzip my pants. As she did, the bulge was no longer hidden as there was clearly something pitching a tent in my underwear. I looked at her to see her licking her lips at the sight of my cock begging to be released from my underwear. I guess she liked what she saw.

I unzipped Sandra's tight pants, she had on lacey white panties that matched her bra. The way her tight ass looked in those panties when she turned around and put her pants on the chair, I thought I was gonna drool onto the floor. Soon she was facing me again, Sandra Bullock wearing only her white lacey silky underwear.

Sandra slid to her knees and started to pull my underwear down. My 9 inch cock poked straight out at her face and she took it in her gentle hand and put it to her mouth. I put my hand on her beautiful head as her mouth engulfed my shaft. She slid her mouth back and forth on my cock trying each time to swallow a little bit more of it. Soon this American sweetheart was deep throating my cock on her knees. This felt like a dream and yet looking down there was her face and amazing eyes looking up at me as her mouth wrapped around my cock.

Sandra was doing everything she could to please me, she started to take my balls in her mouth and began to stroke my rod with her hand. God her mouth was incredible. I wanted her to stop though I could feel my load building and I didn't want just a blowjob from this gorgeous actress. She was insisted though as her mouth was tightly wrapped around my cock. I was starting to wonder if she was truthful about not being with a man for a while. I mean if this brunette goddess was this good at oral I can only imagine how good she was at sex.

Her oral techniques soon prove to be too much and I felt myself about to cum, I tried to pull out but she would have none of that. She engulfed my rod deep down her throat and took my cum in her mouth. Few women have ever swallowed my load before, most of them finding that to be a nasty thing to do. Sandra swallowed all of my seed though and look up at me licking her lips, then said........


After that she took both my hands and took me to the bed. I kissed her again, before going down to nibble and suck on her neck. Then I went to between her breasts and kissed there. Then I took her left breast in my mouth while my other hand pinched her right nipple between my thumb and forefinger. God her moans turned me on so much! Then I changed and put her right breast in my mouth and played with her left nipple. I like her breasts despite their size. I had sucked bigger breasts, but never any as pointed as Sandra's.

After I did got tired of them though, I kissed lower to her flat tummy. I tongued her belly button causing her to giggle a little at the feeling. As my tongue went lower I started teasingly licking right above her panties waistband. I grabbed her waistband with my teeth and the sides of her panties with my hands as I ever so slowly slid off her panties. There in front of me was the trimmed brown bush of Sandra Bullock. Needless to say, me getting hard again wasn't gonna be a problem after seeing her beautiful cunt.

"I have a request Sandra if you don't mind."

"Anything for you Hon, just name it." She answered.

"Would you get on all fours so I can eat your pretty pussy?"

She didn't answer just rolled over to her tummy then got on all fours. Dear God it was a sight to see! God, forget big butt ho's like JLO, Sandra Bullock has a perfect ass. I squeezed her cheeks and gently spread them to find her pussy lips. Once I found them I started sucking on them and sliding a finger into her damp box. Sandra started rocking her ass back as I opened her up more finding her clit. I started tonguing it as I squeezed her hot cheeks. Sandra was so hot she had no problem grinding that pussy back into my face.

She was already close to cumming I wet my finger and gently started to push it into that tight puckered asshole. She jumped at the new sensation but soon got used to my finger. I was sure to be gentle not wanting her to be uncomfortable.

Before long she was riding her ass on my finger loving the new invader in her tight ass. I kept working on her clit tonguing on the pink hood then sucking on it. I watched as Sandra pinched her own nipples as my cunt licking became unbearable for her and soon she was releasing her female juices onto my face. Her body collapsed and soon her pussy was smothering my face. I had no problem licking up all her sweet cum, I liked the gorgeous actress's pussy dry.

After that she moved her body down and grabbed a hold of my hard cock and pointed it at her wet box. Luckily she was wet cause her pussy was ever so tight! Either she hadn't been with very many men before or they were all small compared to me. Id guess it was the last statement after all how could a woman this sexy not have guys trying to get in her panties all the time? Especially guys much smoother than me at coming on to women.

I start to feel her sliding all the way down on my rod then back up God her pussy felt good!!! I grabbed her tits and held on as she rode me. Her ass slapping against my balls as she rode up and down me. The sight alone of her face in pleasure and her body was hot, but when this fine ass woman started moaning in pleasure, dear God I thought I would cum after 1 minute.

"Oh Danny yess oh ohhhh yeah!!!! Fuck me yeah that's it oh God your so big!!! God yes oh your so deep in my pussy, yeah that's it fuck me good!!!!"

Hearing Sandra moan my name while she rode her tight pussy on my shaft became too much and I unloaded. She let me stay inside her and I coated her vagina walls with my cum. Dear God I could die tonight without any complaints. After all I had just fucked one of the sexiest women on earth.

I was shocked to see her slid back down and start sucking my cock again. Man does this woman ever stop?! Sandra for some reason wanted me hard again. She was just too much didn't she ever get enough? After a while her oral techniques did their job and I was hard again but nothing could have prepared me for what I heard next.

"Would you like to fuck my ass Danny?"

I had heard of the phrase"eyes popping out of your head before" but I had never been that shocked before. Not until now, I'm sure that's what my eyes did! I immediately got behind her and watched as she lubricated her ass with some of her pussy juice. Then she arched her ass in the air towards me. I spread her asscheeks, and pushed my cock at Sandra Bullock's ass. With a lot of work I made my way inside her ass, and I though her pussy was tight. I would swear she had to be an anal virgin, but I wasn't gonna ask.

Certainly I had other things on my mind as I started to pump into her ass. Her moans were louder than ever now. I swear nothing had ever felt so good in my life. Sandra was incredible she was as good of a lover as she was sexy! I started getting deeper and deeper pounding into her tight ass as hard as I could. She never complained about pain she just begged me more of my cock.

She was playing with her pussy as I fed her ass my meat. I could tell her orgasm was building, and so was mine I listened to her moans and was very into the idea of us cumming together. I step things up grabbing her small hips and pounding harder into her as she announced that she was gonna cum, as I heard her moans I released my load as well. I shot load after load deep into her bowels, as her pussy spasmed and soaked her fingers with her orgasm.

When it was done I collapsed on top of her, my cock still up her tight ass and cum leaking from her asshole. Then I finally went limp and slid out of her sticky asshole. Sandra rolled me over and kissed me softly. I tried to tell her how that was the best sex I ever had. She just put her finger to my mouth and said....

"Shhhhhhhh, don't ruin the moment lie here with me, let me fall asleep in your arms."

Who was I to argue with the lady? So I wrapped my arms around her and she slept against my chest. I went to sleep with her. The next morning she woke we up and we showered together. The sexy actress had a one track mind, and soon she was bent over doggystyle in the shower while I was fucking her ever so sweet pussy again.

When the shower ended we went our separate ways. She had to be in Vancouver to shoot her new movie, but she gave me her own private phone number. Then came a long sensuous French kiss and she promised we'd see each other again. Who know what the future holds? After the night we shared though, it will be hard to ever replace my one night with Sandra Bullock.

THE END??????

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April 28 2006
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Caroline Ducey in Sexual stages.
Caroline Ducey in Sexual stages.

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Caroline Ducey in sexy videos. Caroline Ducey in sexy videos.
Some info:

Caroline Ducey is a French actress, born in 1977, who made her feature film debut in Trop de bonheur (1994), playing Mathilde. She worked sparingly in the next five years, appearing in Noël! Noël! (1995) and Familles je vous hais (1997) before causing a big stir in the film Romance (1999). As her frustration mounts she finds her sexual appetites leading her into ever more risky situations, including a sexual relationship with the headmaster of her school. Now there are plenty of films that run along that same sort of plot line, but Romance differed itself by showing it's actors actually having hardcore sex. Caroline performed oral sex numerous times in the film, in addition to having unsimulated sex with porn star Rocco Siffredi. There's a lot more juicy stuff in the film, and you can imagine that is caused quite a stir, given the fact that it was a mainstream film, and not a porn (I guess it's not quite mainstream). It made a tiny bit of money in the US (just over $1 million) and caused a bit of a stir. After that film Caroline has had little trouble getting work, appearing in numerous French films
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Caroline Ducey sex videos from Romance.
Caroline Ducey sex videos from Romance.

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Angelina Joli, celebrity sex stori.

Angelina Joli, celebrity sex stori.

Only in Hollywood could an actress be heralded as starting
her career after winning two Golden Globes. It had taken a
while, but Angelina Jolie was attracting major attention in
Hollywood circles. She was starring in a pair of big films,
"The Bone Collector" and "Girl Interrupted," which had her
receiving major billing and offers were pouring in. Of course,
Angelina wasn't one to take the easy, typical Hollywood roles.
That should be no surpise to anyone who knew her.

Angelina had inherited the rebellious streak of her father,
Jon Voight as well as her talent. She had always been a
rebel, not quite willing to play the usual big studio games.
She didn't really care that her tattoos cut her out of most
roles. She took the scripts she wanted and played the
parts she felt like. Considering the rave reviews she'd
gotten, she had done pretty well so far with maybe more
awards to come. At the moment, all she cared about
was having a good time.
She had decided to take a quick break from the latest filming
and check back at the local hotel. It was a nice place, just the
thing for stars to relax. The best part of it was undoubtdly the
pool area. It was not only huge but boosted a rock-like
structure around it with several grottos holding hot tubs and
other, smaller pools. It was well known that couples often
used these spots for themselves and management had long
given up on trying to stop them.
At the moment, Angelina had the pool mostly to herself, not
surprising considering it was nearly midnight. After a hard shoot,
getting into the cool water was heaven. She wore a one-piece
tan suit that hung well on her body. There was enough skin to
show some of her infamous tattoos and her short black hair
resembled a skullcap with the water pressing against it. She
flipped back and stroked her way to one of the small grottos,
smiling as she felt the slight temperature change that signaled
the special heaters inside the mock cave.
She swam to one of the walls and leaned back against it, smiling.
God, this place was great. She had stayed at a lot of hotels and
been in a lot of pools but this was the best. She smiled as she
recalled the time when she walked out of the Golden Globes,
award in hand, and jumped into the hotel pool, dress and all.
She felt so good right now, the cool water flowing around her,
washing away all the tension of the day and making her feel so
good. She hardly noticed that her limbs felt heavy or that there
was a slight blue tinge in her eyes.
Her attention was caught by movement behind her and the next
thing she knew, a man was swimming into the grotto. He was
well-built, with piercing eyes and dark hair, a slight smile to his
face as he saw Angelina. "Hello," he said. "Lovely night for a swim."
"Yeah, it is," Angelina answered. Strangely, she didn't feel as
irritated as one might be if approached by a strange man. "Feels great."
"Yes, it does, doesn't it?" The man moved forward slightly,
his eyes focusing on Angelina. "It feels good, very, very good.
It feels nice and cool, very relaxing. It's nice to sit back in the
nice, cool water and relax. Relax and let your mind drift. Let
all your tensions leave you, let all your worries vacate your
body. Just relax and let yourself drift along the nice, cool,
wonderful, relaxing water."

Angelina sighed as she listened to the man. It felt good to
listen to him, to let herself relax and feel her tensions melt
away. She became intrigued by his eyes, his deep blue eyes.
They seemed to glow in the night, the light from the pool
reflecting in them. They seemed so deep, so nice and deep
and Angelina felt herself relaxing even more as she stared
into them. It felt so good, just to stare into those deep blue
eyes and listen to him and relax, just relax....
"Deeper and deeper, Angelina. You feel so very, very
relaxed now as you stare deeper and deeper into my eyes.
Deeper, Angelina, keep staring deeper into my eyes and
feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed. Very relaxed,
Angelina, so very, very relaxed. You love feeling this relaxed,
Angelina, so very relaxed, you want to continue to feel this relaxed,
Angelina. As you look deeper into my eyes and listen to what
I say, you feel more and more relaxed. You know you must
continue to look into my eyes and listen to my voice to continue
to feel this relaxed, Angelina. You must keep looking into my
eyes and listen to my voice to feel this relaxed. You want to
feel relaxed, Angelina, you need to feel relaxed, you must continue
to look deeper and deeper into my eyes and listen to my voice to
feel this relaxed. You must do that Angelina. You must do that."
Angelina had no way of knowing that the man in front of her was
a technician at the hotel and that the pool had been secretly
spiked with a compound of his invention. It lowered resistance
in a person, to the point where an induction would be all that
was needed to enslave a person. The proof lay in the entranced
actress before him, her eyes drooping, her face stuck in a slight
smile, her body limp against the wall of the pool.
"Are you relaxed, Angelina?" the man asked.
"Good. You want to continue to feel this relaxed, Angelina.
To do so, you must listen to what I say. You must listen to what
I say, Angelina and as you listen to what I say, you feel more
and more relaxed. Listening to what I say makes you feel relaxed,
Angelina and doing what I say makes you feel more relaxed.
As you listen to what I say and do what I say, you feel more
and more relaxed, Angelina, so very relaxed that you want to
do everything I say, Angelina, everything I say, everything I say."
"Everything you say," Angelina whispered, her glazed eyes
still fixed on the man's.
"Take off your suit, Angelina." Slowly, she obeyed, pushing the
thin material off her body and letting it float to the bottom. Her
magnificent breasts floated slightly on the water, the nipples tight.
The man floated over and swam around her motionless form. He
let his hands drift to her ass, the fingers trailing the tatoo just
above her backside. He moved foward and cupped her breasts
in his hands, giving them a slight squeeze, elicting an intake of
breath from her. He moved forward and kissed her, tentaively
at first, then with feeling as she answered back with a passion.
They pushed against one another, their tongues entwined, his
hands kneading her breasts as he mouthed her.
His hands broke away from her chest and encircled her waist
as he pulled her to him. Angelina continued to kiss, wrapping
her legs around his waist, holding him close, not that he needed
much encouragement. By this point, his hard cock was free of
his trunks and was sliding into the tight pussy before him.

Angelina grunted as she felt him enter her, then tightened the grip
of her legs around his waist. He stopped kissing her long enough
to bring his mouth to her breasts, licking first at one nipple, then
another. He pushed her against the wall, pumping her hard as he
sucked on her tits. Angelina threw her head back and moaned as
she felt him work at her, the hard cock combining with the sucking
to drive her towards ecstasy. His tongue licked a nipple, his cock
rammed in hard and she let herself go, her cries echoing inside the
closed chamber they were in.
The man pulled himself out and smiled at the dazed smile on
Angelina's face. Quite wonderful for a first time. Of course,
the chemical could be used for more than just a one-time encounter.
He was sure he could encourage Angelina to take more midnight
swims and there were always encounters in her room. For now,
he pushed Angelina down into the water and grinned at the
thought of teaching her a unique type of backstroke.

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April 27 2006
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Sex clip with celebrity Mimi MacPherson.
Sex clip with celebrity Mimi MacPherson.

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ELLE MacPHERSON and her sister MIMI (celebs sex stori)

ELLE MacPHERSON and her sister MIMI (celebs sex stori)
Author: Luke Ozvik

Elle MacPherson had come home after a long spell in the U.S. and felt it was
time to have a chat about that damn sex video with her little sister Mimi.
She didn’t say anything at first, preferring to enjoy a relaxing swim in the
ocean with her sister, then they headed back to Mimi’s beachside apartment and
grabbed a couple of Cokes. They sat down on the sofa as Elle began to talk…
"I watched the tape… I guess if you get drunk enough you’ll do anyone..?"
"Sis, if I get drunk enough I’ll do anyone or anyTHING!!!"
Elle leaned in close to her little sister, "How about your big sis?"
Mimi moved to within an inch of her sister’s mouth, smiling. "I wouldn’t even
have to be drunk to do that."
"You’re not drunk." Said Elle with a wicked grin…
"I know." Answered Mimi.
Elle opened her mouth to reply but before she could say a word her kid sister
had grabbed the back of her head and was pushing her tongue into her mouth, lips
pressed up against hers. Elle was stunned, but relieved her sister had gone for
it, as she felt a soft hand slip up her inner thigh and begin massaging her
pussy through her bikini briefs. Damn that felt good. She hadn’t felt the touch
of another woman’s hands for weeks. Mimi pulled Elle down on top of her as she
fell backwards onto the sofa. It felt good to have the ‘Body’ pressed up against
her, a perfect flat stomach and round breasts pushing against her own - damned
attractive - physique. Elle rubbed her chest up against her little sister’s
chest, feeling the fabric of bikini-top coming loose.
Elle slipped her hand inside Mimi’s bikini briefs and pushed two fingers into
her sister’s warming pussy, she started working them in and out. Mimi bucked up
toward the invading fingers and pushed her own fingers inside Elle’s briefs and
found her clit with the tip of a long finger.
The beautiful sisters rolled over on the sofa so they were side by side, mouths
locked together, hands in each others bikini briefs. They lay there kissing deep
and finger fucking for an age.
Elle pushed Mimi back and sat up, she pulled her bikini top up over her head
without unfastening it, and tossed it away. Mimi responded by leaping forward
and taking one of Elle’s tits in her mouth, sucking and flicking her tongue over
the nipple. Elle held Mimi to her chest by her hair with one hand, and with the
other pulled her sister’s bikini top up to free her firm young breasts, which
she begin to squeeze.
Mimi still had one hand down her sister’s briefs and was now working her fingers
(all four of them) in and out of her cunt.
"Oh, that’s so good." Moaned Elle. "That’s so good." She repeated, lowering her
head to kiss the top of Mimi’s head.
"You got any toys?" Asked Elle. "I need something inside me." She breathed
heavily as Mimi looked up into her eyes.
"Who needs toys?" Replied Mimi, slipping her hand from Elle’s bikini briefs and
raising it as a clenched fist for Elle to see. "I’ve got my fist!"
"Ooooh!" Elle smiled, slowly leaning back and spreading her legs wider… She
raised one leg to the side of her chest and held it in place with her hand,
supporting her head with the other arm behind her head.
Mimi slipped from the couch and kneeled in front of her older sister, she
slipped her fingers back into Elle’s pussy and pushed slowly forward, easing her
hand into ‘The Body’. "You like this?" She asked, an evil glint in her eye.
Elle replied with a long, deep, moan, arching her back and spreading her thighs
a little more. Mimi eased her thumb into her sister’s pussy, tight wetness all
around her hand, then her wrist as she pushed deeper… She could feel Elle’s
vaginal muscles gripping tighter, almost sucking her hand in…
"Fist fuck me, please…” Begged Elle, looking down into her sister’s eyes.
Mimi smiled, grinned. Elle felt painfully pleasurable sensations within her
pussy as Mimi balled her hand into a fist. Mimi took pleasure from the sticky
juices between her fingers as she formed her fist, once made she paused, then
rammed her fist forward a few inches forcing Elle to yelp.
Mimi was now half way up her forearm into her sister’s pussy. As she fisted, she
bent forward and started licking at Elle’s clit, producing another low moan from
the Australian supermodel.
"Oh God." Moaned Elle, her hand pressing against her face smearing saliva from
her mouth across her face as she felt her pussy stretching around her little
sister’s fist. Mimi continued to pump her fist and flick her tongue over Elle’s
Elle came hard. Harder than she had ever come with any man, at that moment she
believed that she had found the greatest lover on Earth - her sister! ‘Damn,’
she thought, ‘I’ll never be able to tell anyone about her.’
Mimi slowly pulled her fist from her big sister’s pussy, keeping it balled into
a fist she knew it would strain Elle as it came out - it did. Elle’s eyes bulged
and she winced, crying out slightly as the fist pulled loose. Mimi opened her
hand, now covered with her big sister’s pussy juices, all slimy, and rubbed it
over Elle’s face - smearing her pussy juices into her mouth. Elle licked and
sucked at Mimi’s fingers.
Mimi climbed up onto the couch and lay back, spreading her legs and fingering
her pussy seductively.
"Elle, can you reach over into that drawer and grab my dildo? " She asked, like
it was the most natural question in the world.
Elle, slowly regaining her sense of location, looked around until she saw the
small chest of drawers Mimi had indicated. She slid the drawer open and found
the dildo - a strange looking dildo. It was nine inches long, flat and fat at
the tip, bowing fatter out to the middle, then getting slimmer (like a baseball
bat) until a large tennis ball sized swelling at the base. The whole thing was
purple-red and made of a slick rubber… It didn’t look like any dildo Elle had
ever seen before (and she had seen a few!).
"What is this?" Asked Elle holding the strange dildo up.
"Oh, that’s my dog-cock." Said Mimi nonchalantly. "Fuck me with it." She
ordered, spreading her pussy lips open.
Elle looked at her sister’s delicious looking pussy, then the strange ‘dog-cock’
dildo. "Wait a minute, what is a dog-cock, and why do you have one?"
"Well, it’s not something you have to think about for a long time…” Mimi
started… "It’s a dildo, and it’s shaped like a dog-cock, and I have it because I
love dog-cock!" She grinned.
Elle screwed her face up and squealed. "Ewwwww! Gross!"
"Are you gonna fuck me or what?" Mimi moaned, impatiently.
"Why in the hell do you think you love dog-cock? How do you know this dildo is
even the same as a dog-cock?"
"It’s not the same…” Started Mimi, "A real dog’s cock is much hotter and
slicker, and better."
"And how would you know that, if I may ask?" Queried Elle, almost sick - but so
horny thinking about her sister fucking a dog.
"I know because I’ve been fucking Elvis for years!" Grinned Mimi. Elvis was the
Alsatian that Elle had bought her sister for Christmas three years before.
"Oh really…” Elle was lost for words, she rolled the tip of the dog-dildo over
her lower lip as she thought for a second. "Is he here?" She asked, almost
shocking herself.
"Really?" Asked Mimi excitedly. "You really want to fuck my doggy… Oh I’ve
fantasised about this sooo many times." She was already out of the door, calling
for her little Elvis.
Elle sucked slowly and thoughtfully on the dog-dildo whilst she waited for her
sister to return. She imagined sucking the real thing - realised that she would
be sucking the real thing in a matter of minutes, shivers running down her
Mimi returned, leading Elvis by the collar. Elle gasped at the site of him - he
had grown so much in the two years since she bought him. She could only dream of
how big his cock would be, for now…
"Okay, roll over and lean on the couch." Ordered Mimi. Elle did as she was told,
rolling over and kneeling in front of the couch, resting on her elbows (which
were on the couch), feeling her breasts gently press against the material of the
cushions. She looked back over her shoulder to watch her little sister position
Elvis behind her - between her feet.
Mimi crouched beside Elvis and massaged his penis, feeling it grow in her hands,
"You’re going to love this…" She told her sister, smiling.
Elle saw the dog’s cock for the first time as Mimi pushed it backward between
his hind-legs. It was huge, at least nine inches long and shaped exactly like
Mimi’s dildo - Elle gasped, knowing what was about to happen - but not believing
she was going to really do it…
She watched as he sister bent forward and took Elvis’s cock into her mouth,
sucking slowly and gently, tasting his watery pre-cum as she sucked. Mimi slid
the length of the dog’s cock all the way back into her throat, then slid it all
the way out again and licked and kissed up and down the fat shaft. She smiled to
her sister as she did it, letting Elle watch every lick.
Elle was wondering what dogcock tasted like. “Hey sis, give me a taster” she
Mimi squealed, she couldn’t wait to see her sister experience her first taste of
doggie, she was sure it wouldn’t be her last. Mimi tickled the tip of Elvis’s
penis, a wad of watery pre-cum collected on her finger.
“Here you go, a quick taste of delights to come”, said Mimi, as she held out her
cummy finger to her sister. Elle sucked dutifully. ‘If it tastes this good, it
must feel damn good too’ she thought. Now Mimi felt Elle had sidetracked events
enough, still she could understand why, first time and all! But now it was time
for the real action to start.
"Okay sis, relax…” Began Mimi, "You’ve never experienced anything like this
before… I promiss."
Elle breathed deep and relaxed herself, letting her legs spread a little more
and loosening all the muscles in her pussy as Mimi backed Elvis closer to her
and ran the wet tip of his cock up and down Elle’s pussy lips.
Shudders of pleasure immediately began to run up
Elle’s spine, the feeling was amazing - and the dog wasn’t even inside her yet.
She squeezed her legs together in delight, her glistening pussy lips sticking
out between them. She was so wet.
“Oh, put it in, put it in." Moaned Elle.
Mimi spread her sister’s legs, and then her pussy lips with the fingers of one
hand then pushed the tip of Elvis’s cock into the pink slit. Elle moaned out
loud as the dog’s cock slid in slowly, inch by inch stretching her vagina open,
filling her up.
Elle pressed her face down into the cushions, squeezing her tits with her hands,
the pleasure was amazing. Mimi started to rock Elvis back and forward, using his
cock to fuck her sister. He allowed her to do as she wished, enjoying the
feeling of this human’s tight cunt around his meat.
Elle slid one hand down her belly, her fingers running through her pussy hair
until she could lightly touch Elvis’s cock as it slipped in and out of her
pussy. It was so hot, so slick with pre-cum and her own pussy juices, it felt so
fucking good.
All the time she was fucking her sister with the dog, Mimi made absolutely
certain that Elvis didn’t get his knot inside her. It wasn’t that Mimi was
worried that this may hurt Elle, she just wanted to get her own share of Elvis’s
hot cock in her own pussy!
Elle felt the burning pleasure of an orgasm every time she thought about what
was actually pumping in and out of her pussy. A dog-cock, a big fat, blood
gorged dog’s penis. Each orgasm was stronger and hotter than the previous -
better than anything she had ever experienced.
"You had enough?" Asked Mimi, wanting her turn.
"Mmmmmmm” Moaned Elle, biting her lower lip… “I want more."
Mimi rolled her eyes and allowed the last few inches of Elvis’s cock to push
into Elle’s cunt, allowing the knot to press against her pussy - but again,
careful not to let it push inside. Elle moaned again, louder this time, with
each thrust of the dog’s cock Elle moaned louder - building to an explosive
"Oh!" She moaned, Mimi pumped Elvis harder and faster.
"Oh yes, oh yes… Here I come." Moaned Elle again, her breaths becoming shorter,
her face turning red, her pussy burning.
“OH SHIT!" She screamed. "I’m coming." She screamed, tossing her head back, her
hair flying. She squeezed her thighs together, clamping Elvis tight in her
pussy. Her heart pounded as she caught her breath. Mimi pulled Elvis’s cock from
her pussy, pulling him out fast - the fatness of his shaft causing Elle some
pain as she pulled it clear. Elle collapsed forward onto the couch. Mimi lent
forward, still holding the dog by his wet cock, and kissed her sister on the
"Was that good?"
Elle turned her red face to look at Mimi, "That was wild!”, she said, blowing
Mimi a kiss. She spread her legs and rubbed her red raw cunt absent mindedly,
reeling in the experience.
"My turn now?" Asked Mimi. "You up for that?"
"Oh yeah."
Mimi took Elle by the hand and led her from the couch back onto the floor and
lay her down on her back. Mimi then lay down on top of her sister, her thighs
astride Elle’s face - her face between Elle’s knees - staring down at her
hard-dog-fucked pussy. Elvis didn’t need any hints, he mounted Mimi immediately,
his paws gripping her sides as his cock immediately hit home - driving into
Mimi’s pussy right in front of Elle’s eyes. Elle watched as the purple-red
veined shaft pushed in and out of Mimi’s pussy.
In this 69 position Mimi was able to lick her sister’s thighs and pussy as the
dog fucked her from behind. She moaned softly, feeling Elle’s hands explore her
body, slipping over her sides, her breasts, and her arse.
Elvis pummelled hard and fast into Mimi’s cunt. While Elle watched, she lifted
her head slightly to tongue at his shaft and her sister’s clit as he slid into
her. She could taste the dog’s come mixing with Mimi’s sex juices, it tasted
good, even better than before, - and her little sister’s pussy eating technique
was good too, she could feel another orgasm building.
Mimi came hard as she felt Elvis’s cum shooting into her pussy, so much of it
(as usual). She shivered and collapsed onto her sister, then supported herself
again taking her weight off Elle.
"Pull him out…” She instructed Elle. Elle did and her face was soaked as dog cum
poured from her little sister’s pussy all over her face, she caught as much as
she could, then sucked hard on Mimi’s pussy as Elvis staggered away.
The sisters stayed in the 69 position for the next hour, sucking and licking at
each other’s pussies. Loving every minute… Waiting for Elvis to be ready to go

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Mimi MacPherson videos from home sex tape. Mimi MacPherson videos from home sex tape.

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April 25 2006
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"Ripping Heather" hot sex stori!
Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. The idea just struck me and I thought it could work. Enjoy.

When you get your big movie break as a 1970's porn star who went nude and did sex scenes all while wearing roller skates, it got you a lot of attention. Using that attention was the tricky thing.

Since her breakout role in "Boogie Nights," Heather Graham had been doing her best to continue to be a major force in Hollywood. Surprisingly, she didn't go the usual blockbuster movie route, with the exception of the "Austin Powers" sequel, preferring to stick to somewhat smaller roles in less expensive films. Some had flopped but others had done well enough for her to snag a big part in one of the most daring movies of the year.

"From Hell" had a lot going for it. Based on the researched graphic novel by legendary comic book writer Alan Moore, the film was a thriller based on the most infamous killer of all time: Jack the Ripper. While Albert and Allan Hughes, the black twin brothers behind "Menace II Society," were the last people you'd think of to direct a movie set in Victorian London, they were bringing a unique style to the story. Johnny Depp played a police inspector attempting to discover the Ripper's identity while Heather portrayed a prostitute set to become the Ripper's next victim.

Heather had to make some changes for the film. Dying her long curly hair brown was easy compared to mastering a lower-class London accent and the cold weather in Prague, where the film makers recreated the Whitechapel area for shooting. It had been long and hard and cold but the film was finally wrapped and Heather was hopeful it could give her the big hit she needed to boost her salary a bit.

It was funny. After all that time shooting in the faux London, seeing the real thing was quite refreshing. Heather was having a ball walking through the old city, hanging at some local clubs and doing some shopping. Today, however, she was spending time looking at something one would think she would want to stay away from.

Like everyone involved with the film, Heather had been fascinated with the legend of Jack. His brutal slayings, how he suddenly stopped them and of course, the fact that no one knew who he truly was, gave him an air of mystique that created the legend around him. Moore's interesting theory of his identity seemed to make sense but the fact was, no one knew for sure who the Ripper truly had been.

Johnny Depp had gone to the real Scotland yard for some research before the film began and told Heather it had been quite the experience. The Yard had a small display set up on Jack and even carried a blade rumored to be of the type he had used. Johnny had told Heather it was quite the sight so she decided to check it out.

It wasn't too bad, far from the old-style brick building, the new Scotland Yard was as business-like and high-tech as the FBI, albeit with that old British style. Heather didn't have too much trouble arranging a quick private tour, her guide a somewhat nebbish man in his forties with slicked-back dark hair, a loose suit and glasses. "Well, I must say, we are looking forward to the film around here," the man, Nigel, he'd introduced himself as, told Heather as they walked down to the lower levels of the Yard.

"Really?" Heather said in light surprise. Her hair was back to its blond color, flowing down past her shoulders. She wore a light blue dress as it was warmer in London than it usually was, the air conditioned building a relief almost. "I was thinking you guys might not want a big failure like that thrown at you."

"Oh, we're used to it," Nigel said as the two of them walked through the security barriers leading to the lower levels of the building. "So many theories abound now, it's like people are glad we never found him or why he was doing it. Although we do manage to find a few new things now and then."

"Really? Like what?"

"Let me show you," Nigel said, leading her into a small room. It appeared to be a normal file room with a large table set inside it. Nigel shut the door, the lock automatically kicking in as he moved to a large cabinet, rummaging through it as he reached in and took out a long, sharp scalpel. He held ir up, the blade glinting in the light as Heather looked at it.

"Wow," she said. "That's not really.....?"

"No, no," Nigel said, the knife held carefully in between his fingers. "No, just a copy of one of the blades suspected as being used by him. However, it has been used to help us gather some new information that's led to the creation of a new theory about the Ripper's methods."

"Really?" Heather said, her eyes still fixed on the knife. "What?"

"Well, after careful study, we've concluded that the Ripper did things differently than most thought," Nigel said, twisting his fingers slightly so the lights from the ceiling played off the knife and reflected slightly into Heather's face, the American blinking a bit from the bright flash. "The way we now think happened, is that the Ripper would approach these prostitutes and flash the knife at them like this, flash it at them just like this, he'd let the light just play off the blade and into the victim's eyes, he'd just flash it right into the prostitute's eyes, just right into the prostitutes' eyes, just like this, he'd do it just like this and the prostitute wouldn't be able to look away, she couldn't look away, she just couldn't look away, just like you can't look away, Heather, it'd be just like this, just like you can't look away."

"Can't....look away....." Heather repeated, the light playing back and forth along her eyes, a slightly glassy look coming over them. This was working better than Nigel had thought. He'd used this cock-and-bull story about the Ripper's methods on several attractive ladies, tour guides, teachers, reporters, all of whom soon found themselves swept away by the knife's motions but none as fast as Heather. He kept up the sweeps of the light as he continued to speak to the actress.

"Yes, they couldn't look away, Heather, they couldn't look away, just as you can't look away right now, just as you can't look away, they're soon entranced, Heather, entranced by the light of the blade, entranced by the light of the blade, they're soon entranced by it and they can't look away, they're entranced, Heather, they're entranced, just as you're entranced, Heather, just as you're entranced, they're entranced, Heather, you're entranced now, just as the Ripper entranced them with the light of the knife, you're entranced by it now."

"Entranced......" Heather whispered, her eyes open but dulled, her body standing upright yet totally relaxed as well as the light continued to play across her eyes, her face registering no reaction whatsoever to it anymore. Nigel kept sweeping it to be sure as he talked.

"You are entranced, Heather. Just as the prostitutes were entranced, you are now entranced."


"This knife has entranced the prostitutes. It has now entranced you."


"This knife entrances prostitutes. It has entranced you. That means you are a prostitute, Heather."


"Say it, Heather."

"I am....a.....prostitute....."

"What do prostitutes do, Heather?"

"Have sex......"

"Anytime a man wants it, isn't that right, Heather?"


"I want sex right now, Heather. You are a prostitute. What will you do?"

There was a pause as Heather spoke. "Have sex.....with"

"Take off all your clothes, Heather." Nigel lowered the knife as he watched Heather's hands slowly slide up to her dress, pushing down the straps to reveal her chest, covered by a blue bra. She kept sliding the dress down, revealing blue panties and let it fall in a pool at her feet. She stepped out of it and stood, swaying, waiting further instructions.

"Take off your underwear, Heather," Nigel stated, watching her unsnap her bra and slide it off. Her breasts were wonderful, not too large but definitely a lot to play with, the nipples erect as she slid off her panties to expose her curly bush.

Nigel had his pants down by now, his small but hard cock exposed, happy that there were no security cameras in the room and the door was locked. "Suck my cock, Heather. That's what prostitutes do."

Heather immediately fell to her knees and crawled to him, her mouth widening as she took his full hard member into her mouth and started to suck on it, her lips sliding up and down the shaft hard as she tickled the penis with her tongue. Her fingers played with the balls and her eyes finally closed as she felt Nigel harden in her mouth, allowing her to suck him off all the better. Nigel groaned, his hands reaching back to grip the table as Heather kept at him, her lips sliding up and down his hard rod, tickling his penis as he felt himself start to build within her. It had been a while since he'd gotten a good suck-off like this and he could feel himself start to come. He gripped the table hard as he shot his wad into Heather's mouth, the actress greedily licking away all of his juices as fast as possible.

As soon as he was sure he was done unloading, Nigel spoke. "Heather, let go." Heather withdrew her mouth from his lower section, kneeling before him. "Stand up." She did, allowing Nigel to circle around her, his hands briefly squeezing her firm buttocks, causing a sigh to escape her lips. "Lie on the table."

Heather did, her legs hanging over the edge of the table, her pussy wet and on display as Nigel moved up and onto the table himself, his hard member inching closer to her pussy. He thrust himself into her, Heather groaning as she felt his cock enter her womanhood. It wasn't big but she was so entranced and lost to pleasure, she didn't notice as Nigel started to work at her, his cock thrusting inside her pussy. Nigel lowered his head down to Heather's chest, letting his mouth go to her wonderful breasts. He licked one nipple with his tongue, loving Heather's little squeal as he played with it in his mouth, taking one full nipple in his mouth and suckling on it for a bit before moving to the other, his cock working full-on at Heather, her ass wiggling on the table's surface as she felt him at her most sensitive parts, the increase in the volume of her moans making him glad the room was soundproofed. He could feel himself start to give and pushed her breasts together, his tongue licking both nipples and that was it. He came, blasting his semen into her body, Heather crying out as she orgasmed with him, the table shaking under them.

Nigel ate her out, her long legs wrapped around his head, holding him in as he licked her to orgasm, then had her stand up and redress. He stood before her, the knife once again flashing into her eyes as she fell back into a trance state. "Listen carefully," he stated cooly. "When you hear my fingers snap, you'll fall back into this trance state. You will not remember anything that has happened here between us, nothing at all. You will only remember talking about the Ripper and that is it. Should you ever again hear the phrase, 'Jack's hooker,' you'll fall back into this trance and do what I say."

"What you say....." Heather nodded softly.

"All right then," Nigel said, sliding the knife back into the folder. He snapped his fingers, Heather's face returning to normal. "Well, I think that was a good tour," Nigel said. "I guess we'd better go back up."

"Um, okay, sure," Heather said, letting Nigel lead her out. She missed the smile on the man's face as he thought of how easy it would be to find out which hotel Heather was staying at and how a Scotland Yard ID would help him get the number. And after that, it'd be a long night of fun with him and Heather. Who said just being a lowly officer wouldn't get him....what was the American phrase?.......Wouldn't get him jack?

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Heather Graham sex stori and videos from Killing Me Softly.

Heather Graham sex stori and videos from Killing Me Softly.

Heather Graham wasn't sure what to make of the small boarding house. It
not what she had been expecting when she had come to the movie shoot in
small Midwestern
town. The woman who ran the house, June, was a middle-aged divorcee who
friendly. She had treated Heather with charm and kindness that made her
like she had grown
up in the town. It really made for a more comfortable and less hectic
Heather was off for the day and was enjoying herself. She was sitting in
the living room
of the cottage, wearing a blue dress, her long blond hair falling around
June was also there,
wearing a pair of jeans and a white shirt, her brown hair done up in a
"Thanks again,"
Heather said as she sipped at the lemonade June had made. "I can't
remember the
last time I had
something like this."
"My pleasure," June smiled. And it would be, in more ways than one. She
waited until
Heather had downed half the glass before speaking again. "By the way, have
shown you my
ring?" She held up her fist to show a bright ruby ring on one finger. She
it just before
Heather's face as she spoke. "It was a gift from my brother. I think it's
It gives off a nice
glow, especially when the sun hits it like now. Just look at it, Heather,
at it. Just keep your
eyes fixed to it. Watch the way the light gleams off the ruby, watch the
way it
shines. Just keep
looking, Heather, deeper and deeper. Just stare deep into the ring,
deep into it. Deeper
and deeper, just let it envelop you, let the light relax you. Let it lull
Heather. Lull you into a
sleep. A nice, deep sleep."
As June talked, she could see Heather's eyes drooping, her body slumped in
the chair.
She wasn't surprised. The drug she had put into the lemonade had lowered
Heather's resistance
and allowed her to be hypnotized much easier. "Sleepy, Heather, you feel
sleepy. You can't
keep your eyes open, they're so heavy. You are so sleepy now, Heather, all
want to do is
close your eyes. Close your eyes and sleep, Heather, sleep. Sleep."
Heather's eyes fluttered closed and her head fell back against the chair
she let go of
her will. June nodded and opened a drawer next to her. She took out a pair
headphones with a
special tape deck and placed them on Heather's head. "Sleep, Heather," she
whispered. "When
you awaken, you will obey."

Heather's eyes fluttered open as the headphones were taken off her head.
She turned her
tired gaze up and saw June standing before her. She wore only a dark bra
panties, her hair
undone. "Stand up, Heather," June commanded and Heather complied. The
tapes had
deepened her trance and turned her will totally over to June's. She
June upstairs and to
her bedroom. June locked the door behind her and gazed at the hypnotized
"Take off your clothes, Heather. Except for the panties." Heather obeyed,
stripping off
her dress and unsnapping her bra. She stood amidst her clothing, her
hanging free, her
hands hanging limply by her smooth hips. June divested herself of her
and, naked,
kissed Heather passionately. Heather was slow to respond, but was soon
June, their
breasts pressed together.
Still standing, June slid her hand down Heather's body, past her tits and
into her panties.
She slid a finger into the lower lips and began massaging it in and out,
finger digging into
Heather's pussy. June lowered her face to Heather's breasts as she
fingered her,
licking each
nipple and burying her head in the cleavage. Heather stood silent and
moaned as
she felt June
pleasure her. Her nipples were so tight they hurt as June's tongue dragged
them and her
pussy felt like it was on fire. June slid her finger in one more time and
paydirt as Heather
released, her juices filling her panties and staining June's finger.
June withdrew herself, then lay down on the bed, her legs spread. "Come to
Heather," she commanded and Heather obediently crawled onto the bed and
her face into
June's waiting pussy. Her tongue began to work in and out of the lips as
rocked herself
gently back and forth. Heather's hands ran up and down June's hips and
thighs as
she licked at
the older woman. June had been waiting for a while now, so it was no
she soon came,
her juices spilling out to be licked away by the all too willing Heather.
As the two women kissed, June once again gave thanks to her brother for
device he had created. With it, and her own charms, June knew that there
be a lot of ways
to liven up the scenery around here.

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April 24 2006
Posted by Riko  [ 08:00 ]
Sex stori and video with celebrity Gena Lee Nolin.

Sex stori and video with celebrity Gena Lee Nolin.

The beach was buzzing with electricity. Baywatch producers and MTV producers had collaborated to come up with a sensational idea. MTV was going to film one of their many Summer Beach jam’s on Baywatch’s beach, and Baywatch was not only going to feature the party, but have many MTV personalities guest star on the show. On filming day, Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra, and Daisy Fuentes hosted the party, and agreed to appear on Baywatch. As soon as the MTV ladies walked into view of the Baywatch cast & crew the male members stopped in their tracks. The MTV ladies had stunned them with the tinny-tinniest bikini’s they had ever seen. Immediately, all the men surrounded the ladies and began to serve their every whim. In the mean time, the resident beauty queens, Yasmine Bleeth, Traci Bingham, & Gena Lee Nolin were looking on with jealous eyes. The Baywatch beauties tried to shield their jealousy & envy at first, but it soon became obvious to everyone on the beach that they were fuming with jealousy. Once the MTV babes realized their rival’s burning fury, they flirted & flaunted even harder, until they could hear the Baywatch girls muttering comments under their breath, that became louder & louder. At the end of the day, Gena, Traci, & Yasmine confronted the MTV girls in private. Gena said, “Look ladies, this is a family show, and I hope you wear appropriate attire for our younger fans tomorrow.” Jenny smiled and replied, “Are you more concerned for your younger fans, or those skinny chicken legs of yours." The MTV girls laughed, and Daisy asked, “What’s the matter, can’t stand the competition?” Traci snapped, “You’re cheap sluts who need to be taught some respect. This is our beach...” Carmen interrupted, “Well, judging by today, its now OUR beach, and you can’t do anything about it!” Yasmine yelled, “OK loud mouth, you got it!” “we’ll meet on the beach one hour before filming tomorrow morning, and if you’re wearing another skimpy bikini, We’ll rip them off!” “We’ll be there”, Jenny replied, “And if you show up, we’ll shove those ugly red swimsuits down your throat!” The ladies met on the beach as the sun began to rise. They were so excited, nobody could hardly sleep that night. The MTV babes wore even smaller bikini’s than the day before. The Baywatch women wore their famous red swimsuits. Gena commented, “I’m surprised you showed up”. Carmen responded, “Cut the small talk bitch, it’s time to fight, and see who rules this beach.” Jenny suddenly said, “Wait, our producers will kill us if these bikini’s get ripped, do you mind if we take them off?” Traci said, “No, as a matter of fact, we’ll fight you in the nude, so our outfits don’t get destroyed too.” The ladies removed their swimsuits and faced each other, ready for battle. Suddenly, all six women flew into action as if they heard a bell. Carmen tore into Yasmine, staggering her with a storm of fist. Daisy ran towards Traci, but Traci met her with a strong punch to her nose. Jenny and Gena circled each other, before meeting in a breast to breast embrace. Traci’s punch stopped Daisy dead in her tracks. Traci then grabbed two handfuls of Daisy’s blond hair, and slammed her down hard to the beach. She stomps Daisy a few times in her stomach, before kneeling down on Daisy’s throat. She grabs a handful of Daisy’s hair and starts to pound her in the face. Yasmine is in trouble. Carmen is stunning her with lefts and rights. Yasmine is backing up, and trying to fend off her blows and retaliate, but she can’t stop the raging spitfire coming at her. Finally, Yasmine falls to the sand. Carmen grabs Yasmine’s legs and kicks her in the cunt repeatedly. Then she releases one leg and twist the other as hard as she can. Yasmine flops around on the sand helplessly begging for mercy. In the mean time, Jenny and Gena are locked in their embrace. Jenny trips Gena, and Gena falls on her back with Jenny on top of her. Jenny rakes Gena’s eyes temporary blinding her. Jenny slides behind Gena and maneuvers her into a seated position. She wraps her legs around Gena’s midsection and squeezes. She then reaches around with both hands, and grabs each of Gena’s breast. Jenny smiles, and strategically places her heel in front of Gena’s pussy, and begins kick back, slamming her heel into Gena’s sex organ. Gena squirms and tries to free herself, but realizes she is trapped. Gena continues to struggle, but soon is reduced to moaning & whimpering to her tormentor’s delight. Traci continues to pummel Daisy till she finally loses conscious. She sees her team mates in trouble and must act quickly. She rushes to Jenny and pulls her off Gena by her hair. Traci is dragging Jenny across the sand from behind. Jenny tries to twist and rise to her feet to face Traci, but as she tries, Traci rams her knee into Jenny’s chin. Jenny is stunned and falls forward. Traci then continues to drag Jenny across the sand by her hair, but this time Jenny is facing down, and the sand is burning and scaring her tits. Carmen sees Jenny’s plight and stomps Yasmine several times in the stomach. Yasmine struggles to catch her breath. Carmen then finishes Yasmine off by executing a leg drop across her throat. Carmen looks down and smiles as she sees Yasmine blank, unconscious face between her legs. Carmen jumps up and runs toward Traci and Jenny. Traci sees her coming and release Jenny. Carmen and Traci then engage in a furious slugfest. Each women stands face to face, trading punch after punch. Jenny rises and grabs Traci from behind, holding Traci’s arms behind her. Traci struggles to free herself, but can not. Carmen punches the Baywatch girl in the face, tits, stomach, and pussy, till Traci begs her to stop. Jenny & Carmen smile at their impending victory, and keeps pounding Traci, but they forgot about Gena. Gena was still lying on the sand, suffering the effects of Jenny’s leg scissors. She finally finds the strength to rejoin the war. She rises and comes behind Carmen. Jenny yells, “Watch out!”, but its too late. Gena kicks Carmen in the small of her back. Carmen yells and turns to face Gena but is blasted by a right cross, sending her to the ground. Jenny hurls, a dazed Traci to the ground and approaches Gena. Gena kicks her in the stomach, doubling Jenny over. She then uppercuts Jenny with the most powerful blow of the day. Jenny is lifted off her feet and lands flat on her back. Gena then turns her attention back to Carmen, who is struggling to her feet. Gena goes over and clutches both of Carmen’s breast. Carmen retaliates by grabbing Gena’s globes, but Gena stuns her with a headbutt, causing Carmen to release her grip. She then pulls Carmen around by her breast, demoralizing MTV’s “Singled Out” new hostess. Daisy is stirring from her earlier beating. She rises on unsteady legs, but is suddenly sent back to the sand, not even knowing what hit her. Yasmine, who regained consciousness only moments before Daisy, had just nailed her with a clothesline a’ la professional wrestling. Yasmine is overjoyed to look down, and see Daisy once again lying unconscious once again. Traci and Jenny are struggling to their feet at the same time. Traci lashes out with a combination that stuns her foe. She then surprises the former playmate, by lifting her off her feet and slamming her down in the surf. Traci then sits on Jenny’s chest and pounds her into unconsciousness, for double teaming her earlier. Gena continues to pull Carmen clumsily by her tits. Carmen is too spent to resist, and begs Gena for mercy. Gena finally releases her sobbing foe. She yells, “I SAID BAYWATCH RULES!” She then nails the pitiful Carmen with a left hook. Carmen is out before she hits the sand. The Baywatch girls begin to celebrate, taking pride at seeing the MTV invaders’ lifeless bodies scattered across the beach. Traci says, “There is one last thing to take care of before every body gets here." As the Baywatch & MTV crew arrived to work early that morning, everyone was yelling, “Quick, go to pier two”. On pier two there was a huge wooden arch, where local fisherman often hung up prize fish for display. This morning there were no fish hanging on the arch. Instead Carmen Electra, Daisy Fuentes, & Jenny McCarthy were on the arch. They were hung upside down, naked, bound and gagged by their own tiny bikini’s, and squirming desperately to free themselves. Everyone from each company, MTV & Batwatch’s crew knew what happened, and how they got there. The crews laughed and joked while taking pictures at the MTV girls expense. Each girl had one word written in lipstick across her forehead. Jenny had “BAY”, Carmen had “WATCH” and Daisy had, “RULES”.

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Gena Lee Nolin sex movies. Gena Lee Nolin sex movies.

Some info about Gena Lee Nolin:
Former baywatch babe gets exposed in this home video! First she takes off her bra and shows off her tits, rubbing and fondling her breats, before taking off her underwear to expose a cleanly shaven line of pubes. She then squats down on the ground and spreads her pussy while masturbating herself. After showing the camera her naked ass for a bit, some weird guy with a fluro green shirt comes in and tries to fuck her from behind, but she don't like it. He then stands up as she sucks his cock until he cums all over her titties.
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