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October 15 2007
Posted by Riko  [ 02:16 ]
Heather Graham videos from Killing Me Softly! I think that's a nice sex video with movie star Heather Graham. She has no bed body and perfect bust!
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April 25 2006
Posted by Riko  [ 17:54 ]

"Ripping Heather" hot sex stori!
Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. The idea just struck me and I thought it could work. Enjoy.

When you get your big movie break as a 1970's porn star who went nude and did sex scenes all while wearing roller skates, it got you a lot of attention. Using that attention was the tricky thing.

Since her breakout role in "Boogie Nights," Heather Graham had been doing her best to continue to be a major force in Hollywood. Surprisingly, she didn't go the usual blockbuster movie route, with the exception of the "Austin Powers" sequel, preferring to stick to somewhat smaller roles in less expensive films. Some had flopped but others had done well enough for her to snag a big part in one of the most daring movies of the year.

"From Hell" had a lot going for it. Based on the researched graphic novel by legendary comic book writer Alan Moore, the film was a thriller based on the most infamous killer of all time: Jack the Ripper. While Albert and Allan Hughes, the black twin brothers behind "Menace II Society," were the last people you'd think of to direct a movie set in Victorian London, they were bringing a unique style to the story. Johnny Depp played a police inspector attempting to discover the Ripper's identity while Heather portrayed a prostitute set to become the Ripper's next victim.

Heather had to make some changes for the film. Dying her long curly hair brown was easy compared to mastering a lower-class London accent and the cold weather in Prague, where the film makers recreated the Whitechapel area for shooting. It had been long and hard and cold but the film was finally wrapped and Heather was hopeful it could give her the big hit she needed to boost her salary a bit.

It was funny. After all that time shooting in the faux London, seeing the real thing was quite refreshing. Heather was having a ball walking through the old city, hanging at some local clubs and doing some shopping. Today, however, she was spending time looking at something one would think she would want to stay away from.

Like everyone involved with the film, Heather had been fascinated with the legend of Jack. His brutal slayings, how he suddenly stopped them and of course, the fact that no one knew who he truly was, gave him an air of mystique that created the legend around him. Moore's interesting theory of his identity seemed to make sense but the fact was, no one knew for sure who the Ripper truly had been.

Johnny Depp had gone to the real Scotland yard for some research before the film began and told Heather it had been quite the experience. The Yard had a small display set up on Jack and even carried a blade rumored to be of the type he had used. Johnny had told Heather it was quite the sight so she decided to check it out.

It wasn't too bad, far from the old-style brick building, the new Scotland Yard was as business-like and high-tech as the FBI, albeit with that old British style. Heather didn't have too much trouble arranging a quick private tour, her guide a somewhat nebbish man in his forties with slicked-back dark hair, a loose suit and glasses. "Well, I must say, we are looking forward to the film around here," the man, Nigel, he'd introduced himself as, told Heather as they walked down to the lower levels of the Yard.

"Really?" Heather said in light surprise. Her hair was back to its blond color, flowing down past her shoulders. She wore a light blue dress as it was warmer in London than it usually was, the air conditioned building a relief almost. "I was thinking you guys might not want a big failure like that thrown at you."

"Oh, we're used to it," Nigel said as the two of them walked through the security barriers leading to the lower levels of the building. "So many theories abound now, it's like people are glad we never found him or why he was doing it. Although we do manage to find a few new things now and then."

"Really? Like what?"

"Let me show you," Nigel said, leading her into a small room. It appeared to be a normal file room with a large table set inside it. Nigel shut the door, the lock automatically kicking in as he moved to a large cabinet, rummaging through it as he reached in and took out a long, sharp scalpel. He held ir up, the blade glinting in the light as Heather looked at it.

"Wow," she said. "That's not really.....?"

"No, no," Nigel said, the knife held carefully in between his fingers. "No, just a copy of one of the blades suspected as being used by him. However, it has been used to help us gather some new information that's led to the creation of a new theory about the Ripper's methods."

"Really?" Heather said, her eyes still fixed on the knife. "What?"

"Well, after careful study, we've concluded that the Ripper did things differently than most thought," Nigel said, twisting his fingers slightly so the lights from the ceiling played off the knife and reflected slightly into Heather's face, the American blinking a bit from the bright flash. "The way we now think happened, is that the Ripper would approach these prostitutes and flash the knife at them like this, flash it at them just like this, he'd let the light just play off the blade and into the victim's eyes, he'd just flash it right into the prostitute's eyes, just right into the prostitutes' eyes, just like this, he'd do it just like this and the prostitute wouldn't be able to look away, she couldn't look away, she just couldn't look away, just like you can't look away, Heather, it'd be just like this, just like you can't look away."

"Can't....look away....." Heather repeated, the light playing back and forth along her eyes, a slightly glassy look coming over them. This was working better than Nigel had thought. He'd used this cock-and-bull story about the Ripper's methods on several attractive ladies, tour guides, teachers, reporters, all of whom soon found themselves swept away by the knife's motions but none as fast as Heather. He kept up the sweeps of the light as he continued to speak to the actress.

"Yes, they couldn't look away, Heather, they couldn't look away, just as you can't look away right now, just as you can't look away, they're soon entranced, Heather, entranced by the light of the blade, entranced by the light of the blade, they're soon entranced by it and they can't look away, they're entranced, Heather, they're entranced, just as you're entranced, Heather, just as you're entranced, they're entranced, Heather, you're entranced now, just as the Ripper entranced them with the light of the knife, you're entranced by it now."

"Entranced......" Heather whispered, her eyes open but dulled, her body standing upright yet totally relaxed as well as the light continued to play across her eyes, her face registering no reaction whatsoever to it anymore. Nigel kept sweeping it to be sure as he talked.

"You are entranced, Heather. Just as the prostitutes were entranced, you are now entranced."


"This knife has entranced the prostitutes. It has now entranced you."


"This knife entrances prostitutes. It has entranced you. That means you are a prostitute, Heather."


"Say it, Heather."

"I am....a.....prostitute....."

"What do prostitutes do, Heather?"

"Have sex......"

"Anytime a man wants it, isn't that right, Heather?"


"I want sex right now, Heather. You are a prostitute. What will you do?"

There was a pause as Heather spoke. "Have sex.....with"

"Take off all your clothes, Heather." Nigel lowered the knife as he watched Heather's hands slowly slide up to her dress, pushing down the straps to reveal her chest, covered by a blue bra. She kept sliding the dress down, revealing blue panties and let it fall in a pool at her feet. She stepped out of it and stood, swaying, waiting further instructions.

"Take off your underwear, Heather," Nigel stated, watching her unsnap her bra and slide it off. Her breasts were wonderful, not too large but definitely a lot to play with, the nipples erect as she slid off her panties to expose her curly bush.

Nigel had his pants down by now, his small but hard cock exposed, happy that there were no security cameras in the room and the door was locked. "Suck my cock, Heather. That's what prostitutes do."

Heather immediately fell to her knees and crawled to him, her mouth widening as she took his full hard member into her mouth and started to suck on it, her lips sliding up and down the shaft hard as she tickled the penis with her tongue. Her fingers played with the balls and her eyes finally closed as she felt Nigel harden in her mouth, allowing her to suck him off all the better. Nigel groaned, his hands reaching back to grip the table as Heather kept at him, her lips sliding up and down his hard rod, tickling his penis as he felt himself start to build within her. It had been a while since he'd gotten a good suck-off like this and he could feel himself start to come. He gripped the table hard as he shot his wad into Heather's mouth, the actress greedily licking away all of his juices as fast as possible.

As soon as he was sure he was done unloading, Nigel spoke. "Heather, let go." Heather withdrew her mouth from his lower section, kneeling before him. "Stand up." She did, allowing Nigel to circle around her, his hands briefly squeezing her firm buttocks, causing a sigh to escape her lips. "Lie on the table."

Heather did, her legs hanging over the edge of the table, her pussy wet and on display as Nigel moved up and onto the table himself, his hard member inching closer to her pussy. He thrust himself into her, Heather groaning as she felt his cock enter her womanhood. It wasn't big but she was so entranced and lost to pleasure, she didn't notice as Nigel started to work at her, his cock thrusting inside her pussy. Nigel lowered his head down to Heather's chest, letting his mouth go to her wonderful breasts. He licked one nipple with his tongue, loving Heather's little squeal as he played with it in his mouth, taking one full nipple in his mouth and suckling on it for a bit before moving to the other, his cock working full-on at Heather, her ass wiggling on the table's surface as she felt him at her most sensitive parts, the increase in the volume of her moans making him glad the room was soundproofed. He could feel himself start to give and pushed her breasts together, his tongue licking both nipples and that was it. He came, blasting his semen into her body, Heather crying out as she orgasmed with him, the table shaking under them.

Nigel ate her out, her long legs wrapped around his head, holding him in as he licked her to orgasm, then had her stand up and redress. He stood before her, the knife once again flashing into her eyes as she fell back into a trance state. "Listen carefully," he stated cooly. "When you hear my fingers snap, you'll fall back into this trance state. You will not remember anything that has happened here between us, nothing at all. You will only remember talking about the Ripper and that is it. Should you ever again hear the phrase, 'Jack's hooker,' you'll fall back into this trance and do what I say."

"What you say....." Heather nodded softly.

"All right then," Nigel said, sliding the knife back into the folder. He snapped his fingers, Heather's face returning to normal. "Well, I think that was a good tour," Nigel said. "I guess we'd better go back up."

"Um, okay, sure," Heather said, letting Nigel lead her out. She missed the smile on the man's face as he thought of how easy it would be to find out which hotel Heather was staying at and how a Scotland Yard ID would help him get the number. And after that, it'd be a long night of fun with him and Heather. Who said just being a lowly officer wouldn't get him....what was the American phrase?.......Wouldn't get him jack?

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Posted by Riko  [ 17:44 ]
Heather Graham sex stori and videos from Killing Me Softly.

Heather Graham sex stori and videos from Killing Me Softly.

Heather Graham wasn't sure what to make of the small boarding house. It
not what she had been expecting when she had come to the movie shoot in
small Midwestern
town. The woman who ran the house, June, was a middle-aged divorcee who
friendly. She had treated Heather with charm and kindness that made her
like she had grown
up in the town. It really made for a more comfortable and less hectic
Heather was off for the day and was enjoying herself. She was sitting in
the living room
of the cottage, wearing a blue dress, her long blond hair falling around
June was also there,
wearing a pair of jeans and a white shirt, her brown hair done up in a
"Thanks again,"
Heather said as she sipped at the lemonade June had made. "I can't
remember the
last time I had
something like this."
"My pleasure," June smiled. And it would be, in more ways than one. She
waited until
Heather had downed half the glass before speaking again. "By the way, have
shown you my
ring?" She held up her fist to show a bright ruby ring on one finger. She
it just before
Heather's face as she spoke. "It was a gift from my brother. I think it's
It gives off a nice
glow, especially when the sun hits it like now. Just look at it, Heather,
at it. Just keep your
eyes fixed to it. Watch the way the light gleams off the ruby, watch the
way it
shines. Just keep
looking, Heather, deeper and deeper. Just stare deep into the ring,
deep into it. Deeper
and deeper, just let it envelop you, let the light relax you. Let it lull
Heather. Lull you into a
sleep. A nice, deep sleep."
As June talked, she could see Heather's eyes drooping, her body slumped in
the chair.
She wasn't surprised. The drug she had put into the lemonade had lowered
Heather's resistance
and allowed her to be hypnotized much easier. "Sleepy, Heather, you feel
sleepy. You can't
keep your eyes open, they're so heavy. You are so sleepy now, Heather, all
want to do is
close your eyes. Close your eyes and sleep, Heather, sleep. Sleep."
Heather's eyes fluttered closed and her head fell back against the chair
she let go of
her will. June nodded and opened a drawer next to her. She took out a pair
headphones with a
special tape deck and placed them on Heather's head. "Sleep, Heather," she
whispered. "When
you awaken, you will obey."

Heather's eyes fluttered open as the headphones were taken off her head.
She turned her
tired gaze up and saw June standing before her. She wore only a dark bra
panties, her hair
undone. "Stand up, Heather," June commanded and Heather complied. The
tapes had
deepened her trance and turned her will totally over to June's. She
June upstairs and to
her bedroom. June locked the door behind her and gazed at the hypnotized
"Take off your clothes, Heather. Except for the panties." Heather obeyed,
stripping off
her dress and unsnapping her bra. She stood amidst her clothing, her
hanging free, her
hands hanging limply by her smooth hips. June divested herself of her
and, naked,
kissed Heather passionately. Heather was slow to respond, but was soon
June, their
breasts pressed together.
Still standing, June slid her hand down Heather's body, past her tits and
into her panties.
She slid a finger into the lower lips and began massaging it in and out,
finger digging into
Heather's pussy. June lowered her face to Heather's breasts as she
fingered her,
licking each
nipple and burying her head in the cleavage. Heather stood silent and
moaned as
she felt June
pleasure her. Her nipples were so tight they hurt as June's tongue dragged
them and her
pussy felt like it was on fire. June slid her finger in one more time and
paydirt as Heather
released, her juices filling her panties and staining June's finger.
June withdrew herself, then lay down on the bed, her legs spread. "Come to
Heather," she commanded and Heather obediently crawled onto the bed and
her face into
June's waiting pussy. Her tongue began to work in and out of the lips as
rocked herself
gently back and forth. Heather's hands ran up and down June's hips and
thighs as
she licked at
the older woman. June had been waiting for a while now, so it was no
she soon came,
her juices spilling out to be licked away by the all too willing Heather.
As the two women kissed, June once again gave thanks to her brother for
device he had created. With it, and her own charms, June knew that there
be a lot of ways
to liven up the scenery around here.

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March 05 2006
Posted by Riko  [ 22:46 ]
Heather Graham sex videos from Killing Me Softly.
You certainly enjoy having a chance to peek at a sexy celeb flashing her secrets! Forget about short flashes of their killer bodies, here is a kick-ass collection of movies which expose the world's sexiest and finest bodies. This is an unforgettable experience of celeb hardcore and nasty videos!
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Posted by Riko  [ 22:39 ]
Heather Graham sex video.
Heather was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised by her strict father, who worked for the FBI, and mother, a former school teacher and author. After high school Heather moved to Los Angeles and received small roles in a variety of films including Drugstore Cowboy (1989). When her career did not take off as quickly as was hoped, Heather enrolled in the University of California at Los Angeles to get her degree in drama. It was at UCLA that she was noticed by actor James Woods and received a subsequent part in a film Woods starred in, Diggstown (1992). Heather dropped out of UCLA after two years to pursue her acting career on a full time basis. Aside from gaining a modeling contract with Emanuel Ungaro Liberte, Heather has risen to star in such films as Swingers (1996), a role she received after being taken out swing dancing by Jon Favreau, to blockbusters like Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999), and Boogie Nights (1997) . Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2001. Ranked #4 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World" (2002).
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