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Celebs sex story with Monica Bellucci!
Posted by Riko  [ January 28 2007 02:15 ]
Celebs sex story with Monica Bellucci!

The Dominatrix Club Part IV
By Robbins(
Story from
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Monica Belluci awakes on top of Max.
"Morning Mistress" he says. She smiles.
Sofia Coppola lays on the bed. Kirsten Dunst Is giving her a sensual massage.
Sophie Marceau Is In the shower with David. He Is washing her breasts. She enjoys It.
Anna Kournikova lays on the bed. Martina Hingis Is giving her a massage.
Charles Is feeding her while Martina continues to massage her. Anna enjoys It.
Sofia sits on her throne. Kirsten Is at her side. Britney Spears Is kneeling before
Sofia. Britney Is licking Sofia's boots. Sofia cracks her whip. Britney stops.
"Stand up" Sofia orders. Britney stands up.
"You will have to prove yourself tonight. But,If you do I will let you have any slave
you want" Sofia says. "Thank you Mistress" Britney says.
Sofia smiles. "Kirsten,take care of Britney" Sofia says,and cracks the whip.
"Yes Mistress" Kirsten replies.
In a bathroom David Is drying Sophie off with towels.
In the dungeon Madonna Is tied nude to the wall. Jaime Pressly Is there dressed In
black leather. Jaime has a whip.
Sofia walks In.
"Why am I here?" Madonna asks. "I am tired of the joke of you writing children's
books. And you will have to pay" Sofia says.
Jaime smiles. She hits Madonna with the whip. Madonna screams. Sofia laughs.
"Have fun with her" Sofia tells Jaime. Jaime laughs.
Sofia leaves as Jaime continues to hit Madonna with the whip.
Kirsten is giving Britney a massage. Britney enjoys It.
Max Is feeding Monica.
Sophie ties David to a chair.
Martina Is rubbing Anna's shoulders while Charles rubs her feet.
Jaime Is hitting Madonna chained to the wall with a whip. Jaime enjoys It.
Max Is massaging Monica. Monica enjoys It.
Sophie sits on David. She rubs his face.
"Do you want It?" she asks. "Yes Mistress" he replies.
She smiles.
"Your such a good slave" she tells him,and kisses him.
Sophie straddles him.
Sofia sits on the couch In her room. Chris kneels before her. He Is rubbing her
feet. She enjoys it. He likes being able to touch her.
Theo,twentish,walks Into a room. Jeri Ryan,dressed In the black leather outfit of a Dominatrix,Is there.
"I was assigned to you" he says. She cracks a whip at him.
"You better serve me well. Now come here!" she demands.
Theo goes up to Jeri,and kneels before her.
"Now lick my boots!" she commands.
Theo begins to lick her boots. Jeri smiles at this.
Max Is on the floor with a slave collar on. Monica Is on top of him with a dog
lease. She makes him crawl on the floor.
Theo Is licking Jeri's boot. Suddenly she smacks him hard.
"Get undressed bitch!" Jeri commands.
Theo starts to get undressed.
Anna ties Martina,and Charles to the bed.
David Is tied to the chair. Sophie Is behind him rubbing his shoulders.
"Your such a good bitch David" she says,and then pulls his hair. He screams.
She laughs.
Sofia sits on her throne. Chris Is kneeling before her. Hilary Duff Is before
her. Hilary Is kissing her hand.
"You will be Instructed" Sofia says. Hilary smiles.
Amanda Bynes,dressed In the outfit of a Dominatrix,walks In.
Hilary sees Amanda. "Amanda?" Hilary says. "That's Mistress Amanda here"
Amanda says.
"She will teach you" Sofia says.
Amanda goes up to Hilary,and slaps her. Sofia smiles.
Max continues to crawl on the floor with Monica on his back.
Jaime continues to hit Madonna with a whip. Madonna realized now the
Children's books was a mistake.
Anna has two whips. She cracks the whips. She hits Martina,and Charles with
the whips. Anna enjoys It.
Jeri ties Theo to the bed.
Amanda,and Hilary walk Into a room. Amanda rubs Hilary's face.
"Tonight you are mine Hilary" Amanda says,and kisses her.
Sophie has a whip. She cracks It at David,still tied to the chair,and she continues hitting him with the whip. Sophie enjoys It.
Britney,dressed In the outfit of a Dominatrix,walks Into a room. Sofia Is sitting on a chair. Britney's sister Jamie Lynn Is chained to the wall. She Is nude.
"What's going on?" Britney asks. "To prove yourself you must dominate your
sister" Sofia says.
Britney doesn't like this.
"She Is my sister" Britney says. "I said prove yourself!" Sofia says.
Britney goes up to Jamie,and hits her with a whip. Jamie screams.
"Be silent bitch!" Britney commands,and hits her some more.
Sofia laughs.

Monica chains Max to the ceiling.
Christina Aguilera,dressed In the outfit of a Dominatrix,sits on the bed.
William,60,walks In.
"I have been assigned to you tonight Mistress" he tells her. "Come here" she
William walks over to Christina. "Kneel!" she orders him.
He kneels before her. "Now lick my boot" she tells him.
He begins to lick her boot. She smiles.
Jeri has a whip. She hits Theo with It. She enjoys It. She continues to hit him
with the whip.
Monica has a large paddle. She Is behind Max. She hits her hand with the
paddle. She smiles. She hits his butt with the paddle. He screams. She hits
his butt even harder.
Hilary Is licking Amanda's boot. Amanda smiles. She thinks I have Hilary Duff
licking my boot. A lot of others would trade places with me right now.
Sophie continues to hit David with the whip.
William continues to lick Christina's boot. She smiles.
Jaime continues to hit Madonna with the whip. She enjoys punishing Madonna.
Jeri continues to hit Theo with the whip.
Sofia watches as Britney continues to whip Jamie. Sofia likes watching Britney
punish Jamie.
Hilary undresses for Amanda. Amanda likes this.
Christina kicks William. She slaps him hard.
Sophie kneels before David. She unzips his paints.
Amanda ties Hilary to the bed.
Chris rubs Sofia's shoulder as she watches Britney continuing to whip Jamie.
Sophie has David's balls In her hand. She squeezes hard. he screams. She
Amanda Is over Hilary. She has a whip.
"This Is how to control guys." Amanda says,and whips Hilary.
"Soon guys will be begging you' Amanda says.
Chris Is giving Sofia a blow job as she continues to watch Britney whip Jamie.
Sofia enjoys all of this.


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