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The Celebrity Rapist
[Celebs sex stori with Demi Moore, Gillian Anderson, and Teri Hatcher]
Posted by Riko  [ March 25 2006 08:51 ]

Teri Hatcher was born in California, she grew up with some old values, she had often said she would love to be a house wife, staying at home cooking and cleaning, but the character she plays on Superman is a business woman, more interested in being a reporter than being fucked. I went after her thinking to change her into what she already was, and I fucked up big time.

After her husband Jon left for an audition, Teri found me in the living room of her home, she knew who I was, I was in character after all.

I shoved her against the wall and accidentally knocked her out, when she awoke I had the electrodes attached to her nipples. I had to admit that her body was fan tastic, far superior to Gillian Anderson. Although Gillian had bigger tits Teri had the nicer body and was better looking.

I informed her I would shock her if she did anything to stop me, I started eating her out, probing her cunt with my tongue when she suddenly wrapped her legs around me, I grinned, thinking she was getting with the program.

She squeezed hard, damn hard and I lost all breath, my hand dropped away from the powerbox and she turned it off, she ripped the wires from her nipples and released me, I collapsed and she kicked me in the balls hard, damn hard.

As I screamed she turned me on my back and straddled my still hard cock.

"What the fuck?" I said.

"Don't you want to fuck me?" she asked innocently, my balls and cock felt like an anvil had been dropped on them. She lowered herself onto my cock and started
fucking me hard, her cunt ramming into the base of my cock causing greater pain, her tits bounced wildly and she screamed wildly, like she was riding a bucking bronco.

"Damn you're a good fuck," she said as she pinched her nipples and felt up her tits,"I could fuck you all night long."

She came suddenly, screaming in pleasure and laughed at me, she stood up and walked off, I was left with nothing but aching balls and the sight of her fantastic ass bending over as she rang the police.

The newspapers were full of headlines screaming about me, the celebrity rapist. My career was shot, Gillian and Demi never came forth but on Teri's testimony I was put away.

I still remember them shouting at me as I walked away, all the women laughing at me as Teri told how she had beaten me up. I remember getting to prison and meeting all my new friends, they were big and black and loved my t.v show, American Gothic.

They also believed - like myself - that women were put on the planet to be fucked, unfortunately they were short of women in prison and had to use substitutes, you know, their hands, magazines and especially white rapists, especially 'real purty ones' like me.


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